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Telebelt Conveyance Systems

The Solution for Transferring Sand

The growth of horizontal drilling and increased well lengths has enabled the oil and gas industry to develop large production multi-well pads that continue to require larger volumes of fracturing sand for completions.

This shift has resulted in extreme challenges within the current supply chain as it was built around much smaller fracturing jobs that were completed within a few days by traditional delivery methods. Current projects last weeks to months and require thousands of metric tonne of fracturing sand to be delivered and off loaded in very short periods of time.

Hughson Trucking Inc. has a fleet of Putzmeister Telebelts for a safe, efficient and cost effective method of fracturing sand delivery. These telebelts have a self contained, telescopic conveyor system and have the ability to unload in excess of 42 tonne of sand in 30 minutes. A similar load would require 1.25 hours pneumatically.

Hughson Trucking Inc. uses larger payload delivery equipment combined with high speed telebelts to facilitate current completions requirements. Several years of field work have allowed Hughson Trucking Inc. to offer a unique service that meets or exceeds current industry demands.

Telebelt Conveyance Advantages


  • Minimization of silica dust due to bottom drop and telebelt use.
  • Sand conveyance speeds are less than half the time of traditional methods.
  • Delivery payload increase of 25% through the use of Super B trailers.
  • Truck traffic decrease of 25% due to larger payloads.
  • Reduction of noise on location as telebelt operates at very low rpm and delivery trucks are turned off while unloading.
  • Assurance of product integrity as it is gravity dropped and conveyed resulting in minimal agitation. Extremely important with coated fracturing sand.
  • Constant quality control of product as it is screened and monitored prior to conveyance into storage.
  • Safest, most efficient method of delivering high volumes of sand.