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Proppant Handling and Storage System




Hughson Trucking Inc.’s newest addition of an on-site sand storage and handling system provides the safest and most economical full service solution of moving large quantities of sand “the last mile” from the transload through to the blender.

SANDSTORM is a modular frac sand handling solution that sets up fast (under 3 hours for an entire system), provides flexible storage capacities ranging from 550,000 to 3,300,000 lbs., and control automation means the entire system can operated by just 2 personnel. When combined with the high rate ViperBelt Integrated Proppant Loader, the SANDSTORM system provides a smaller footprint, and a single unloading point with the fastest turnaround in the industry resulting in lower total transport costs. Just as importantly as the economic benefits, this combination of equipment design and technology helps to greatly improve last mile traffic and congestion.

The GravityBoxes and VectorBelt Conveyors are controlled with, and powered by our unique single-engine HydraBear, helping you lower operating costs, reduce noise, and protect the environment. Other systems that blow the sand and do not have the dust control features of SANDSTORM leave expensive proppant all over the site as waste, create significantly higher risk for workers, the community and surrounding infrastructure while increasing maintenance costs for all other equipment on location.


Mobile Material Handling Unit

The 5000 cu.ft. GravityBoxes use gravity, a metering gate and on-board scales to accurately deliver proppant to the VectorBelt.


All-Terrain Hydraulic Power Unit

The HydraBear is a 4WD, 4 wheel steer, remote control, hydraulic power unit, providing power for operating SANDSTORM.


Horizontal and Vertical Conveyors

The VectorBelts are completely enclosed conveyors to deliver frac sand from the GravityBox to the blender with maximum dust control and protection from the elements.


Integrated Proppant Loader

The ViperBelt is a versatile, enclosed, remote controlled solution to convey proppant at a high rate with maximum dust control.

Large Capacity

GravityBoxes are designed to hold up to 550,000 lbs. of material and transfer frac sand onto conveyors through metering gates using gravity – no motors, blowers, dust filters, or augers are required.

Rapid Deployment

The entire system can be setup in under 3 hours, with just 2 people (no cranes, pickers, etc.) with the choice of multiple configurations to suit customer space limitations, job requirements and lease layout.

Accurate Operation

Weigh-on-the-fly scales are incorporated into the GravityBoxes and VectorBelts to precisely monitor GravityBox volumes and the delivery rates of 100 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. per minute.


SANDSTORM utilizes a minimum amount of engines, staff, and eliminates the need for costly cleanup after a job is complete.

Dust Control

Enclosed conveyors and specially designed transition points ensure a silica dust controlled operation that virtually eliminates proppant loss resulting in a cleaner, safer working environment.

Room to Work

The complete system uses a footprint that is up to 30% smaller than the size of some competitive products while reducing site impact and improving space and visibility for a safer work environment.

Minimized Risk

The entire system can be remotely controlled and computer monitored by a single operator – eliminating exposure to heights and silica dust when performing duties such as checking proppant bin levels.


SANDSTORM, is a modular proppant handling solution that provides flexible storage, a smaller footprint and faster turnaround resulting in lower operating costs and last mile traffic and congestion.