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Safety of the public, our customers and our staff and a focus on the environment is of upmost importance to Hughson Trucking Inc. (HTI)

Whether HTI is transporting one shipment for our customer or providing an integrated freight project solution we will maximize the delivery of our service while maintaining a firm commitment to health and safety.


Hughson Trucking Inc. is dedicated to all aspects of workplace safety in the transportation industry and it is our responsibility to safely deliver your freight on time. We only hire experienced truckdrivers who are passionate about their career and concerned about the safety of others on the road. Our clients can feel confident we will supply properly maintained and serviced equipment. We have achieved high standards of superior safety and have maintained a consistent WCB remittance rate during our 25 year existence.


Hughson Trucking Inc. uses the latest industry technology to make dispatch, planning of trips, and invoicing more efficient. Ace Manifests are filed directly from our office allowing for shorter wait times before crossing the U.S. border. All our trucks are equipped with Shaw Tracking satellites and keyboards; making load tracking and driver communications effortless. Our shop maintenance system is linked to our dispatch program allowing our equipment to be fully serviced before it is dispatched.

TopAccident Prevention

Hughson Trucking Inc. is absolutely committed to a safe and efficient operation and has one of the best safety records in the industry. Our company exceeds all Department of Transportation requirements. Our driver training and US D.O.T. Pre-employment and Random Testing Program enhance the effectiveness of our Accident Prevention Program.

TopEmergency Response

Hughson Trucking Inc. has a plan implemented in the event of an accident or incident. This plan informs drivers of the steps that need to be taken and who to contact. Truck drivers are also supplied with an accident reporting kit and important contact numbers.